Oisa Ramen Pop-up was created in September 2015 by Moe Kuroki with an intention to share the taste of her home, Tonkostu ramen; the bowl full of porky white creamy silky soup with thin straight noodles. 

        On the New Years day, 2017, Moe made the decision to change Oisa Ramen's main stock to be vegetable stock no longer tonkotsu. It was not an easy decision for her, but she had to listen to her heart. She realized what she craves to eat isn't always the thing she can connect the best with. When she made the vegan spicy miso ramen as a challenge, she fell in love with the creative process as well as the different flavors that vegetable broth can offer. Since then, she has made many different types of ramen using vegetables as her "bones" and Boston local ingredients. As she feels Tonkostu ramen brings her back home, to Fukuoka Japan, she also feels that cooking ramen makes her feel at home and connects her to her living home, Boston.


        Home is where the heart is. 


        In the past two years, Oisa Ramen was invited to cook at various locations as well as homes for private ramen classes and parties. Oisa Ramen is currently having a monthly event at the Brassica Kitchen & Cafe.