That Bunny Thing...

Have you ever wondered what a bunny got to do with Oisa Ramen? Well, some of you may know that I love bunnies and I have a pet bunny.

My love for bunnies started when I was given two bunnies from a monk. He had a big hutch full of white bunnies and a German shepherd. It was a biggest dog I had ever seen and I was quite scared, but to see the fluffy sweet bunnies, I had to walk by it. I asked the monk, if I could take one bunny home. I can no longer remember if he convinced my parents or I asked. Either way, it wasn't hard. I chose two little babies and took them home. 

I knew nothing about taking care of bunny. My father built a very simple hutch out of an old dresser and put it outside. I would take my bunnies inside and let them run while I was home. They chewed a lot books. They jumped on the couch and they pooped everywhere. I am so very thankful how easy going my parents were. One day, one of my bunny went missing for a day in the house. We looked everywhere and eventually thought he must have escaped. I was so very upset. Then while my mom was getting dinner ready we finally found him! He was hiding where we kept rice. He seemed happy eating rice. Ha! I had many pet bunnies while I lived in Japan. They are funny cute fluffy soft creatures. 

I don't know when I became a bunny. I think it's during my college years... I have included bunny into usernames and email address... But the real reasons are that I'm a bit helpless... a lot actually, and easily startled, I adopted my first bunny in the states, and made thesis work using bunny imageries. So I think it stuck. 

Oisa Bunny
Ramen Bunny
Moe Kuroki