About Sushi

It's a wonderful treat when you are able to sit at the chef's table. It's such a beautiful thing to see and feel the love and passion of artist while they are creating.

I love going to eat sushi. Especially at the counter.

Until recently, I didn't really understand sushi and how to really appreciate it. It's not just about the freshness and quality of the fish, chefs take everything into consideration and everything is done with intention and purpose behind it. With their skills and concentration, they are able to communicate their philosophy. It feels like through those bites I am getting to know the person making it. It's a way of communicating and connecting. 

At one of my event, one guest said to me; " Sitting with your bowl of ramen is like sitting with another person. It is warm, welcoming, understanding, and caring." It was the first time ever anyone put a personality to my bowl of ramen. It was amazing to me that he felt what I want to be as a person in my ramen. It was very touching to know that someone would take time and "sit" with my ramen. It was a special moment. 

Now, I always approached food as creative expression and always looked to learn and try to understand how a dish came about and what the inspiration was. Never really connected to food as heart to heart kinda thing. But sushi being made in front of you by hand, it really taught me to feel. 

Through eating sushi, I have learned to connect to the food in the different way.

Moe Kuroki