Welcome to My Crazy Disorganized Mind

I was never really good at following directions nor remembering things. But now I am cooking and serving, I realize that it is my responsibility as a cook to know things...

It is so very hard for me to retain informations about anything even things I love. I forget my kids' age and sometimes their birthdays too. I do care and love them so so so very much. I want to be that cool chef who can tell everything about the dish; the history, the origin, the ingredients and where those ingredients come from and science behind them, etc... I am trying to learn about food and ingredients little by little. 

Food... It's a whole new language that has so many words from all over the world and most of them I can't even pronounce... 


I follow Instagram of chef Rene Redzepi and I always go... "he is just super cool." Picking green stuff from the ground and knowing it's latin name and all. I don't trusting myself to forage. I just go, "it's poisonous. It'll make you sick."

I love Serious Eats website. It's filled with so much informations and helpful tips! I was just reading about Panna Cotta, one of my favorite dessert. The funny (aka the sad) thing is if you ask me tomorrow about Panna Cotta, I will go it's the milky delicious thingy. My friend and I joke about how I use very simple and primitive words to describe food and everything is a thingy. If I remember the name of a spice, I probably over use it because I love it to the point I can't have enough. Yup, that would be cumin. 

All I am saying is I want to be that person who can simplify this overwhelming fantastic universe called food. But one thing at the time. Because it is scary to be lost in the universe. 

Moe Kuroki