Opening a Ramen Shop in 4 Days...

I’m glad I did my homework and have most of what I need down pat. But 4 days doesn’t leave much room for the slightest misstep.

With 20 or so Ramen bowls in the recipe book, I plan to open with my original Tonkotsu and two vegetarian options:

  1. Tonkotsu Ramen

  2. Smoky Shoyu Ramen

  3. Truffle Shoyu Ramen

For the two vegetarian bowls, the broth is made with Mirepoix.  Added to it, a very straight forward Kaeshi, and finished with Sesame Seeds, Scallions and Cilantro. The soup is paired with a special tomato ramen noodle giving a unique and almost sweet finish.

For the Smoky Shoyu, it is topped with our “Meaty Shiitake”, Trumpet Royale Menma, and Blanched Bokchoy.

For the Truffle Shoyu, we substitute the Meaty Shiitake with a Truffled Mushroom Medley and top a Soy Egg.

Our Tonkotsu is an homage to my hometown, “Fukuoka”. This style of ramen is what I grew up on.

And for take out options, we will feature 3 rice bowls.

Opening a Ramen Shop in 4 days....jpeg
Moe Kuroki